Annapurna Climber Wui Kin Chin Passes Away in Singapore

There is extremely sad news to report from Singapore today where it was announced that mountaineer Wui Kin Chin has passed away. His death was the result of the injuries he suffered while stranded at high altitude on Annapurna last week. Despite a valiant rescue effort, treatment in a Kathmandu hospital, and being sent home … Read more

Global Rescue Weighs in on Annapurna Rescue Controversy

If you’ve been following the Himalaya climbing season closely this year you probably already know that there was a dramatic rescue of a climber who went missing on Annapurna last week. Malaysian alpinist Wui Kin Chin summited with his team last Tuesday, but ran into trouble on the descent and ultimately had to be left … Read more

Winter Climbs 2019: Nanga Parbat Search Extended, Climbers Reach C4 on K2

The search and rescue operation on Nanga Parbat has been extended for one more day with the faint hope that Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard –– against all logic –– might still be alive on the mountain. Yesterday, it was reported that Alex Txikon spotted two “silhouettes” on the Mummery Spur that may or may not be the two … Read more

Winter Climbs 2019: Concern for Nanga Parbat Climbers Grow, Rescue Operations Standing By

It has now been several days since there has been any contact with Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard, the two climbers making a summit bid on Nanga Parbat. The two climbers set off from Base Camp this past weekend after spending more than two weeks stuck in place while waiting out the wether. Upon reaching … Read more

Round-the-World Sailor Rescued Following Massive Storm That Smashed Ship

A couple of months back I posted about the return of a challenging round-the-world sailing event called the Golden Globe Race. At the time, we had just wrapped up our coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race, and the GGR was just ramping up. The differences between the two competitions were stunning however, as the VOR … Read more

Global Rescue Refuses to Pay Insurance Claims For Rescues on Everest

The travel insurance situation is Nepal is starting to get even murkier. Yesterday I shared a story about companies threatening to not provide coverage in Nepal following the recent “fake rescue” scam that has bilked them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, we get word that one of the more popular insurance providers is … Read more

Travel Insurance Companies May Soon Drop Coverage of Travelers in Nepal

Remember the story I shared last week about the “fake rescue” scam that had grown into a significant problem in Nepal? Essentially, trekking companies were working with helicopter operators and hospitals to evacuate clients who weren’t necessarily in need of a rescue. They would then be taken to a medical facility, where doctors would run … Read more