Two Citizen Scientists Overwintered in the Arctic But Can’t Come Home Yet

Two dedicated citizen-scientists are nearing the end of a very long and difficult winter in the high arctic of Norway. After spending months living in a remote cabin where they have conducted research for a number of projects, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby should be preparing to return home. Instead, they may have to … Read more

Archaeological Finds Surprise and Amaze in Mexico and Russia

The outdoor adventure and exploration community is mostly on lockdown across the globe, with very few expeditions currently underway. In fact, while much of the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic, most explorers, mountaineers, and travelers are sticking close to home, which means there isn’t a lot to report on right now. But some recent … Read more

Arctic Research Team Disrupted When Member Tests Positive for Coronavirus

A research team that is spending a year in the Arctic to study climate change has found that not even they are safe from the coronavirus. According to reports, a member of the Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (aka MOSAIC) has tested positive for the virus, potentially infecting other members of the team. … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Electric Seaplanes, Solar Powered Water Purifiers, and 2020 Travel Awards

Typically I save my Adventure Quickies round-up for Friday each week, but I’m traveling tomorrow for a family gathering, so I decided to push it up one day to share a few interesting stories that made the rounds this week. These are links that I didn’t have time or space to share elsewhere, but I … Read more

Climate Researchers to Spend a Year Floating with Polar Ice

A team of scientists and researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany are preparing for what promises to be one of the longest and most challenging research expeditions in recent memory. More than 60 climatologists and other specialists – along with a crew of 40 – will board a ship called the Polarstern today to set … Read more

Antarctic Tour Vessel Helps Solve Mystery of Killer Whales

Antarctic tourism is sometimes criticized for taking well-heeled travelers to the frozen continent, a place that has a fragile ecosystem to say the least. But, it turns out that the ships that operate in the Southern Ocean can also play an active part in collecting important research data too. No more is this evident than … Read more