Leo Houlding Leading an Expedition to the ‘Lost World’ of Roraima

Over the years, British adventure Leo Houlding has undertaken some impressive and awe inspiring expeditions. He’s summited unclimbed peaks in Queen Maud Land down in Antarctica, he’s taken on big rock walls on Baffin Island, and he’s gone up El Capitan in Yosemite. He’s even played Sandy Irvine — opposite Conrad Anker’s George Mallory — … Read more

Video: Trekking to Mt. Roraima in South America

At just 2810 meters (9220 ft.) in height, Mont Roraima isn’t even close to being the tallest mountain in South America. Still, it is quite an adventure to get to its table-top summit, which rises above the lush forest below. At the top, there is an ecosystem unlike what is found nearby, including some species … Read more

Video: The Ibis Expedition – In Search Of The Ultimate Sleep

The video below is in reality a commercial for Ibis Hotels and a promotion they are having for finding the “Ultimate Sleep.” But, it is also a rather funny and clever spot that shows adventurers out in the wild, where they are attempting to sleep at the top of a mountain. It is all rather … Read more

Video: Highlining In Venezuela’s Lost World

Deep in a remote section of Venezuela is an area known as the Lost World. It is a wild and untamed place that is famous for its table-topped mountains, including Roraima, the inspiration for the fantastic Pixar film Up! Recently a team of climbers visited the Lost World where they filmed themselves highlining over some impressive … Read more