Ripcord Travel Protection Supporst Anti-Poaching Efforts Namibia by Running an Ultramarathon

My friends over at Ripcord Travel Protection have been very busy lately. In addition to lending a hand to travelers all over the world, they’ve also gearing up for one of the most demanding ultramarathons in the world – the 250 km (155 mile) Sahara Race held in Namibia. But they won’t be undertaking this … Read more

Extreme Running News: North Pole Marathon Tests Runners, Sir Ran Completes Marathon des Sables

After a delayed start last week due to weather and a damaged aircraft at the Barneo Ice Camp, the 2015 North Pole Marathon finally took place over the weekend. This year there were 22 countries represented in the race with, with 45 total competitors, traveling to the top of the world to run in some … Read more

The Marathon des Sables – Toughest Footrace On Earth – Begins Today

The annual sufferfest known as the Marathon des Sables gets underway today in the Sahara Desert. The race, which is a 6-day event held on a different course every year, challenges endurance athletes with ultra-length distance through one of the most demanding environments on the planet. Over the next few days, they’ll battle fatigue, dehydration, … Read more

Explorer Announces Expedition To Tibesti Mountains In The Sahara

Irish explorer Jeremy Curl has announced an interesting and ambitious expedition and is asking for support on Kickstarter to make it a reality. Curl is hoping to make a journey deep into the heart of the Sahara Desert as he goes in search of a seldom contacted tribe that lives there and to document some … Read more

Video: Boundless – New Television Show Follows Endurance Athletes On Global Adventures

Next month a new television network will launch called Esquire TV. It will feature all kinds of programming aimed at a predominantly male audience but with a little something that will be of interest to just about everyone. One of their first original shows will be Boundless, an eight-part documentary series that will follow friends … Read more

Sahara Challenge 2012 Update: Jukka Conquered The Desert!

Way back at the beginning of January I wrote about the Sahara Challenge 2012 during which Finnish endurance athlete Jukka Vilijanen was attempting to become the first man to run solo across the Sahara Desert. At the time, Jukka had just set out on his run, which would eventually cover more than 1609km (1000 miles) through … Read more

One Man Epic: Back To The Desert

Last fall, I wrote a piece about Australian adventurer Tom Smitheringale, who as the time was just setting out on a new expedition through the Sahara Desert. Tom started his journey at Lake Nasser, located in southern Egypt, and kayaked 1200km (745 miles) to Cairo, ending the first leg of the adventure in the shadow … Read more

Sahara Challenge 2012: Solo Across The Sahara

While we’re on the topic of very long runs today, an epic new run just got underway last week. Finnish ultrarunner Jukka Vilijanen is attempting to run solo across the Sahara Desert, covering 2000km (1242 miles) in just 35 days. Jukka calls this run the Sahara Challenge 2012. The run officially began last Friday, with … Read more