Man Sails Across Atlantic Ocean to Reunite with Father During Pandemic

We’ve seen some interesting and unique stories that have come about due to he coronavirus pandemic. Many of them have involved adventures that have kept people close to home during this unusual time. But the story that ExWeb has shared today is of about a globe-spanning adventure that was undertaken so one man could be … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 91: Sailing Around the World with Jim and Katie Thomsen

Adventure Podcast Banner

This week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast is a special one for my co-host Dave Adlard and I. We welcome our friends Jim and Katie Thomsen to the show to share their stories of adventure. Jim worked in the outdoor industry for many years, running some major companies that we all know and love. But … Read more

Solo-Sailor Completes Figure-8 Voyage Round Antarctica, North and South America

A few weeks back I posted the story of Randall Reeves, a solo-sailor who had set out on a unique adventure that would see him sail around North and South America, as well as Antarctica. At the time, Reeves had just completed his navigation of the Northwest Passage and he was sailing south along the … Read more

Sailor Close to Finishing Figure-8 Voyage Round Antarctica, North and South America

As epic sailing adventures go, the one that American Randall Reeves is closing in on finishing is amongst the most challenging in recent memory. The Oakland, California resident is nearing the finish line on what he calls the Figure-8 Voyage, which has seen him not just circumnavigate Antarctica, but North and South America too. Reeves … Read more

Round-the-World Sailing Racer Rescued After Massive Storm Breaks Mast

It has been a harrowing week for round-the-world sailor Susie Goodall. The 29-year old woman was taking part in the 2018 Golden Globe Race when a massive storm hit her position in the Southern Ocean, leaving her boat in tatters and its captain stranded in one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on the … Read more