California Condors Return to Sequoia National Park for First Time in Nearly 50 Years

If you’ve been searching the headlines for a bit of good news in recent days, perhaps a press release from the National Park Service can provide some. Yesterday, the NPS announced that the rare and highly endangered California condor has been spotted in Sequoia National Park for the first time in nearly a half century. … Read more

Video: Backpacking Sequoia National Park in California

Sequoia National Park is one of my favorite parks in the entire U.S. system. It is an utterly spectacular wilderness that has a lot to offer visitors, particularly those who want to get away from the crowded front country and explore the backcountry instead. In this video, we join a backpacker as he sets off … Read more

National Parks Adventure Day 3: Yosemite and Tenaya Lodge

After spending two glorious days visiting King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, I was eager to move on to one of the crown jewels of the American national park system. Yosemite has always been a magical place for outdoor enthusiasts, which climbers, backpackers, and campers flocking to the place in large numbers. America’s second national … Read more

National Parks Adventure Day 2 – Sequoia and Wuksachi Lodge

After spending the majority of the first day of my recent national parks adventure in Kings Canyon and at the John Muir Lodge, the second day was earmarked for a visit to Sequoia National Park instead. This amazing destination gets its name from the massive trees that grow throughout the area, one of which is actually … Read more

National Parks Adventure: Day 1 – King’s Canyon and John Muir Lodge

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time in three U.S. national parks that I had never gotten the opportunity to visit before. Those parks includes the spectacular Kings Canyon and Sequoia, as well as the incomparable Yosemite. Along the way, I was also lucky enough to stay the chance to stay … Read more