Team of Adaptive Adventurers Looking to Go From Lowest to Highest Point on Each Continent

We’ve seen some truly inspiring undertakings over the years here on the Adventure Blog, but occasionally we come across an expedition that just blows away almost everything we’ve seen. Such is the case with the Lowest/Highest Expedition, which is an attempt by three adaptive athletes to link the lowest point on each continent, to the … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 80: What are the Seven Summits?

Adventure Podcast Banner

We’re back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast this week as my co-host Dave Adlard and I attempt to return to a regular schedule after weeks of travel and other interruptions. Our topic for the week is the Seven Summits, which is one of those milestone’s in adventure that is often referred to, but … Read more

Climber Attempting to Become First Transgender Athlete to Complete 7 Summits

Since the mid-1980s or so, the idea of climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents has been a goal for many adventurers. The feat takes stamina, determination, and plenty of mental fortitude, not to mention a healthy amount of cash. Still, over the years hundreds of people have managed to complete the … Read more

Sherpas Summits Elbrus in Bid for Seven Summits

He owns and operates a trekking and mountaineering company called Seven Summit Treks so he should probably climb the Seven Summits too. To that end, Mingma David Sherpa, along with his brother Chhang Dawa Sherpa, summited Mt. Elbrus this past weekend, adding the highest peak in Europe to his already impressive resume of peaks. Mingma, who … Read more

Belgian Climber Attempting Completely Human Powered Seven Summits Expedition

As if climbing each of the Seven Summits isn’t enough of a challenge, Belgian adventurer Jelle Veyt has added a whole new level of difficulty to conquering the tallest peak on each of the seven continents. He is in the midst of an expedition during which he is attempting to not only climb those peaks, … Read more

What it Takes to Start a New Guide Service on Everest

If you follow the climbing season on Everest, you probably know most of the companies that guide there by name. Himalayan Experience, International Mountain Guides, Altitude Junkies, and others are practically household names within the mountaineering community. It can be extremely challenging for a new company to break into that world where the risks on … Read more

Self Described “Crazy Grandma” Attempting Seven Summits

Proving that age is just a number and adventure can keep us all young, a self described “crazy grandma” is attempting to climb the Seven Summits at the age of 58. Lisa Walker has already knocked Kilimanjaro off of her list and will head to Aconcagua next month for her second mountain, as she pursues … Read more

Mountain Runner Sets Female Aconcagua Speed Record

Standing 6961 meters (22,838 ft) in height, Argentina’s Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in South America, and the highest peak outside the Himalaya in the world. That makes it one of the Seven Summits of course, luring in hundreds of climbers each year who are looking to add one of those iconic mountains to their … Read more