China Raises Price of Climbing Permits, Will Nepal Follow?

The cost of climbing Everest is about to go up substantially, as least from the Chinese side of the mountain. It seems the Chinese Tibetan Mountaineering Association has announced new fees for the country’s 8000-meter peaks, with the new prices going into effect in the spring of 2020. That means anyone heading to the Himalaya … Read more

“Mission Achieved” on Shishapangma for Nims Purja

Those waiting for word from Shishapangma today on the status of Nirmal “Nims” Purja didn’t have to wait for very long. In an update to his Facebook page, Purja simply said “Mission Achieved,” indicating that he and his team found success on his 14th 8000-meter peak in a little more than six months. This brings … Read more

Poor Weather Could Stall Summit Plans on Shishapangma

Those anxiously awaiting updates from Nirmal Purja and the rest of his team on Shishapangma may have to wait a bit longer before hearing anything positive. Purja and company arrived in Base Camp yesterday and were preparing to hike up to Advanced Base Camp amidst strong winds with the hope that somehow they could reach … Read more

Nims Purja Leaves for Shishapangma

The final phase of Project Possible is officially underway. Earlier today, Nirmal “Nims” Purja officially received his climbing permit for Shishapangma and he has now left Kathmandu for the mountain. If successful, he will have made good on his promise to climb all 14 8000-meter peaks in less than seven months. That’s more than seven years … Read more

Nims Purja Officially Granted Shishapangma Permit

Yesterday I wrote a blog post indicating that the autumn climbing season on the 8000-meter peaks were all but over. The last teams had left Everest and Dhaulagiri and were heading for home, while operations on the other Himalayan mountains were either already over or winding down as well. But, I did note that there … Read more

Himalaya Fall 2019: Nims’ Shishapangma Schedule and a Dhaulagiri Update

Fans of Nirmal “Nims” Purja were overjoyed by the news that came yesterday that China would grant him a permit to climb Shishapangma this fall, despite the mountain being closed to everyone else. Nims himself has yet to acknowledge this update, although it is widely being reported around the Internet from a variety of sources, … Read more