Video: A Stay-At-Home Ski Movie

We all know that in these unusual times we have to get a little creative to keep ourselves occupied and continuing to put a little adventure into our lives. That’s exactly what filmmaker Philipp Klein Herrero did wheel creating his “#HomePro Freeride Skiing” video. Using his GoPro camera and a large dose of imagination and creativity, … Read more

Video: Setting a New Speed Record on Dhaulagiri VII in Nepal

At 7246 meters (23,763 ft), Dhaulagiri VII in northern Nepal is an impressive peak that seldom gets any attention. Because it sits in the shadow of the other 8000-meter giants, it isn’t climbing nearly as often as it should be. That was an opportunity for mountaineer and skier Benedikt Böhm however, as he traveled to … Read more

Swiss Adventurer Attempts 1000KM Solo Crossing of Lapland in Winter

Who says you have to travel to the polar regions in order to embark on a great winter expedition? Certainly not Rachel Frei Bandieri, a Swiss adventure athlete who set off on what promises to be quite the expedition this morning. Bandieri will now attempt to make a solo journey through Finnish Lapland in the … Read more

Video: Inside the Sport of Biathlon

One of my favorite winter sports—to watch anyway—is biathlon. For those who don’t know, this is the activity that combines cross-country skiing with target shooting, which on paper doesn’t sound like a compelling mix. But watching the athletes take part in this sport is incredibly fascinating. In this video, we take a deeper dive into … Read more