Video: A Wingsuit Flight Through A Cloud Cave

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good wingsuit video, but this one is certainly worth a look. In part because it features some great views and action, but also because it was captured using the new GoPro Overcapture feature. This technology allows filmmakers to use the GoPro Fusion camera to capture footage in all directions, … Read more

Video: Miles Daisher Sets New World Record with 63 BASE Jumps in a Day

Last week, on June 21, the summer solstice occurred here in North America. That’s marks the longest day of the year, and to celebrate BASE jumper Miles Daisher set a new world record, making 63 unassisted jumps in a 24 hour period. The biggest challenge in his quest? Climbing out of a narrow river valley … Read more

Which Countries are the Most Adventurous? One Company Thinks it Knows

Ever wondered which countries in the world have the most adventurous citizens? A new study by a company called ShareaCamper claims to have figured out the answer to that question by studying the online search patterns for more than 40 countries and ranking the results. The winner, at least on this criteria? The Netherlands. According … Read more

Video: BASE Jumping Through the Clouds in Switzerland

BASE jumping can be a scary enough proposition on its own, but throw in some clouds and it gets even more difficult. That’s what skydiver Felix Lorentzen and friends discovered when they made a recent jump in the mountains of Switzerland. Putting aside their trepidation they decided to go for it anyway, and the result … Read more

Video: Watch Skydiver Luke Aikins Plummet 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute

Yesterday I wrote about skydiver Luke Aikins and his 25,000 foot jump without a parachute. At the time, I said that there had to be a YouTube video coming that would show the entire proceedings, and I was right. You can watch the entire spectacle in the clip below, which is as scary as you … Read more

Skydiver Sets Record For Highest Jump without a Parachute

One of the biggest stories from this past weekend was the record setting skydive by Luke Aikins, who on Saturday leapt from an airplane at 25,000 feet (7620 meters) without a parachute and yet still managed to land safely and walk away completely unharmed. The historic jump took place in the California desert on Saturday … Read more