French Adventurer Completes Summer Crossing of Death Valley

Just yesterday I shared the story of Death Valley recently setting a record for the highest temperature ever recorded. For those that missed it, over the weekend thermometers measured the heat at more than 130ºF (54.4ºC). That’s hot enough that most people wouldn’t want to do anything outside, let alone anything that would require a … Read more

Another British Polar Explorer to Attempt Solo Antarctic Traverse

Another British polar explorer will attempt a solo, unassisted traverse of Antarctica later this year. Veteran adventurer Lou Rudd has announced his plans to follow in the footsteps of Henry Worsley by setting out to cover more than 1770 km (1100 miles) across the Antarctic continent. Rudd has vowed to complete the job that his … Read more

Another British Explorer to Attempt Solo, Unassisted Crossing of Antarctica

One of the last great challenges in polar exploration is a solo, unassisted crossing of the Antarctic. A number of explorers have tried – including Henry Worsley who perished in the attempt back in 2016 and Ben Saunders, who abandon his bid at the South Pole this season. Now, yet another British explorer is preparing … Read more

Scottish Adventurer to Attempt Winter Crossing of the Gobi Desert on Foot

When we think about the coldest places on the planet, typically the North and South Pole are the first places to come to mind. But there are other regions that are known for their extreme cold as well, some of which remain largely unexplored too. One Scottish adventurer has identified just such a place, and … Read more

Aussie Antarctic Solo Sailor Dimasted in Rough Weather in the Southern Ocean

Way back in January I wrote a post about Aussie Lisa Blair, a sailor who was embarking on an attempt to complete a solo circumnavigation around Antarctica along the Southern Ocean. Now, some 72 day after she set out on this epic adventure, Blair has run into trouble amidst bad weather, high winds, and freezing … Read more

Belgian Explorer wins European Adventurer of the Year

Last week, the award for European Adventurer of the Year was announced and I’m happy to say it went to someone whose expeditions we have covered many times here at The Adventure Blog. The award, which was handed out at the ISPO sports show in Munich, was given to our friend Louis-Philippe Loncke for his solo … Read more

Belgian Adventurer to Attempt Simpson Desert Crossing in Australia

Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke is about to set out on another expedition across Australia’s Simpson Desert. Back in 2008, he mad a similar journey spending 36 days traversing the “Dead Heart” of the continent solo and unsupported. This time out, he hopes to repeat his success, although he is taking a completely different approach. Stretching … Read more

Winter Climbs 2014: Ralf Dujmovits To Attempt Nanga Parbat Solo

A week ago I wrote a piece sharing early details on two teams preparing to attempt Nanga Parbat in winter. In that story, I mentioned that German climber Ralf Dujmovits might possibly be headed to the 8126 meters (26,660 ft) mountain as well. That as now been confirmed, although Ralf will be undertaking the expedition … Read more