The 2020 Antarctic Season is Cancelled

It has been a long, strange year for the outdoor adventure and exploration community. Early in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, putting a halt to the spring climbing season in the Himalaya—including Mt. Everest—and causing a nearly complete shutdown of the international travel industry. As the weeks rolled past, we saw the … Read more

48 Polar Explorers Side with Nat Geo Regarding Colin O’Brady Controversy

I know more than a few of you are already tired of hearing about the ongoing controversy surrounding Colin O’Brady and his dust-up with National Geographic. The venerable organization recently published a scathing article about the American adventurer, calling into question some elements of his “Impossible First” crossing of Antarctica. In a nutshell, the article … Read more

Antarctica Experiences Warmest Temperature on Record

If you were paying attention to the news over the weekend, you probably already heard the startling news out of Antarctica from last Thursday. If not, you may want to sit down. Late last week it was announced that the frozen continent had experienced the warmest temperature ever recorded there when scientists at an Argentine research … Read more

Nat Geo Revisits the Controversy of Colin O’Brady’s Antarctic Crossing

Just about a year ago this time much of the world was celebrating the accomplishments of American adventurer Colin O’Brady. After all, the 33-year old had just wrapped up his “Impossible First” expedition, which saw him crossing the Antarctic solo and unassisted. It was a cause for celebration not just amongst those of us who … Read more