Video: Traveling From Switzerland’s Lowest to Highest Point in Record Time

What does it take to travel from the lowest point in Switzerland—located along the lake in Lago Maggiore to its highest point a Dufourspitze in record time? That’s what we’re about to find out in the video above, as outdoor athlete Andy Steindl set off to connect these two locations along some impressive European trails. … Read more

Antarctica 2019: Richard Parks Makes a Surprise Run at Speed Record

Just when it looked as if the 2019-2020 Antarctic expedition season was coming to an end and there wouldn’t be a whole lot more to share, a surprise visitor to the frozen continent popped up yesterday. Former Welsh rugby player turned outdoor adventurer Richard Parks has broken his silence and has suddenly begun sharing updates … Read more

Antarctica 2019: And They’re Off…

Another quick update from Antarctica today, where a few more skiers have finally launched their expeditions to the South Pole. After waiting out poor weather in Punta Arenas last week, a number of adventurers and explorers flew to Union Glacier this past weekend. Earlier today, they were airlifted over to Hercules Inlet, the traditional starting … Read more