Video: Proximity Speedflying in the Austrian Alps

Yesterday I shared a video of wingsuit pilots soaring through the Italian Dolomites. Today, we travel to the Austrian Alps for a similar experience, although this time we go speedflying instead. What’s the difference? The two activities share a similar approach, but rather than using a wingsuit to maneuver around, speedflyers have a paraglider deployed … Read more

Video: A Speedrider’s View of the French Alps

This video takes us to the French Alps where we get a first-person perspective of what it is like to speedride through those iconic mountains. What’s speedriding you ask? It is a combination of paragliding and skiing that allows participants to fly down a mountain, clearing trees and crevasses, while touching down momentarily to shred … Read more

Video: Speedflying on a Mountain Bike

We’ve seen speedflying in multiple videos before, but usually it involves a skier floating down the mountain with a parasail attached to his or her back. In the case of this video, it appears that professional mountain biker Kilian Bron is taking the sport to the next level by speedflying on a mountain bike instead. … Read more

Video: Speedflying at Night in Chamonix

Speedflying (aka Speed Riding) is the combination of skiing and paragliding down a mountain. The combination of the two activities opens up opportunities for skiers to soar over sections of a mountain that would normally be impossible to shred, while safely dropping off big cliffs along the way. In the case of this video, the … Read more

Video: Every Flight Counts – Speedflying in the Alps

There may be no better way to take in the stunning scenery of the Alps than from the air. In this video, a team of paragliders head up into the mountains on several flights, recording their adventures along the way. The results are some breathtaking shots of the mountains with plenty of stunning scenery in … Read more

Video: Epic Speedriding Through the Alps

We’ve seen some good speedriding videos in the past, but it has been awhile since we’ve come across anything like this one. What’s speedriding? It’s another name for speedflying, which is a combination of skiing and paragliding that allows people to literally fly down the side of mountains that they typically wouldn’t be able to … Read more