Adventure Quickies: Mother-Daughter Traverse of Iceland, Polar Bear Fatality in Svalbard, and More

It’s Friday, which means its time for my weekly round-up of all of the unique and interesting stories that I didn’t have the space or time to cover elsewhere. That can include new from the world of exploration and adventure, gear and travel deals, or news about the environment. Either way, here are a few … Read more

The South Pole and Svalbard are Getting Hit Hard by Climate Change

There was bad new on the climate change front this week as we’ve learned that two locations that we suspected would be hit hard by warming temperatures are actually finding that the mercury is rising even faster than expected. This could be an indication that we’ve already approached the tipping point that scientists have been … Read more

Two Citizen Scientists Overwintered in the Arctic But Can’t Come Home Yet

Two dedicated citizen-scientists are nearing the end of a very long and difficult winter in the high arctic of Norway. After spending months living in a remote cabin where they have conducted research for a number of projects, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby should be preparing to return home. Instead, they may have to … Read more

French Explorers Abandon Attempt to Sail Across the Arctic Ocean

Back in early July I posted a story about three French explorers who were attempting to sail from Alaska to Svalbard across the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole. If successful, it would have been the first time anyone had pulled off such a feat, which would only be possible thanks to the melting ice … Read more