If You Want to Sign Up For Eco-Challenge Patagonia, You Better Hurry!

Eco-Challenge has been a success for Mark Burnett and Amazon, bringing adventure racing to a worldwide audience for the first time in years. Not long after it made its debut on the Prime Video streaming platform a couple of weeks back, it was announced that the next edition of the “world’s toughest race” would take … Read more

Registration for Eco-Challenge 2021 is Now Open

Eco-Challenge Fiji only just appeared on Amazon Prime Video last Friday, but fans of the show—and adventure racing in general—already have something new to look forward to. Over the weekend, registration opened for the next edition of the event, with an entirely new location set to entice racers and viewers alike. Mark Burnett’s relationship with Fiji … Read more

Video: Long Way Up — Patagonia to L.A. in an Electric Adventure Vehicle

If you’ve been looking for something to scratch your adventure itch, it seems like Rivian and Apple TV+ may have just the thing. The two companies have joined forces to release a new travel show that is coming to Apple’s streaming service on September 18. The program will follow along as a team of adventures … Read more

Eco-Challenge Fiji—World’s Toughest Race Arrives on Amazon Prime on August 14

We’ve been waiting with great anticipation for months now, but we finally have an official date for when Eco-Challenge Fiji will arrive on Amazon Prime Video. The world’s toughest race, hosted by Bear Grylls no less, will make its return to television after a 17-year hiatus on August 14. What can we expect from this … Read more

Video: Netflix’s Night on Earth Looks Fantastic

Over the past year or so, Netflix has quietly put together quite a collection of great nature documentaries. Earlier today, a trailer for their next show—entitled Night on Earth—popped up, giving us a preview of what’s to come. The film looks amazing, taking viewers into the night to see what happens in the wild places of … Read more

Nat Geo is Casting a New Adventure Competition Television Show

Looking for your next big adventure? Want to be on television? Better yet, do you want to win $1 million? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then I just might have an opportunity for you. National Geographic is currently casting for a new television show that is being described as … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 56: An Interview with NBC Sports’ Chad Salmela

Adventure Podcast Banner

On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast we welcome a very special guest in the form of Chad Salmela, a commentator for NBC Sports who covers biathlon and cross-country skiing. Chad sits down with my co-host Dave Adlard to talk not only about those sports, but his background in the outdoors, thoughts on doping … Read more

Netflix Unveils Interactive Survival Show Starring Bear Grylls

Fans of Bear Grylls, reality television, and/or survival shows are going to want to check out the latest interactive program coming our way from Netflix. Set to debut on April 10, You vs. Wild gives viewers the ability to make decisions –– choose your own adventure style –– that will impact the outcome of each episode. … Read more