Adventurer Makes History In The Last Desert

Earlier this week I posted a story on the Last Desert ultramarathon, a tough six-stage, seven-day race that just wrapped up in Antarctica. The event capped the 2012 edition of the 4 Deserts series of races and was a grueling event that tested athletes both physically and mentally. One of the competitors in the event … Read more

Last Desert Antarctic Marathon Underway

One of the more unique ultra-marathon events in the world got underway this past weekend with the start of the Last Desert marathon in Antarctica. The event annually draws a group of very dedicated runners who travel to the bottom of the world to compete in an endurance event in one of the more extreme … Read more

The Last Desert Ultramarathon Is Underway

It seems not everyone is having problems getting around Antarctica. Over the weekend Racing The Planet launched the 2010 edition of the Last Desert, which is an annual ultramarathon event that takes place way down south. This year’s race features 56 competitors from 22 countries around the globe. The race got underway on Saturday with … Read more

The 2008 Last Desert Ultra is Over!

The Last Desert Ultramarathon ended yesterday when inclement weather prevented the fifth stage from happening altogether. The Stage 5 Update, posted on the website has all the details, but basically it boils down to this. After bad storms prevented the ship from reaching Deception Island on Monday, the plan was to go to Half Moon … Read more

The Last Desert 2008 Ultramarathon Begins Today!

The Last Desert, the fourth and final ultramarathon of the Four Deserts events from Racing The Planet, gets underway today as competitors will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina this afternoon for a two day sea voyage to the Antarctic, where they will run a series of races over the course of six days. The first stage … Read more

Karnazes Goes For “Desert Grand Slam”

A few days ago I mentioned that Dean Karnazes had won the 2008 Atacama Crossing and that he intended to become the first man to complete all of the 4 Deserts Marathons in a single calendar year. Well, according to this story over at , Dean has added yet one more desert to his … Read more

Last Desert Ultramarathon Update

The Last Desert ultramarathon, which got underway last week, continues today with the sixth and final stage yet to be run. The event is part of the Racing The Planet series of endurance events, and is held in Antarctica. This year, there are 15 competitors, each of whom have successfully completed the other three events … Read more