New Study Shows Everest has Gotten Safer Despite Being More Crowded

A new study conducted by the University of Washington and the University of California takes a look at the past two decades of climbing on Mt. Everest and comes away with some interesting results. Despite conventional wisdom and media reports, the researchers behind the study have determined that even though the mountain has become increasingly … Read more

Video: The Science Behind Nat Geo’s Expedition Everest 360

In the spring of 2019, a team of climbers, explorers, and scientists traveled to Mt. Everest to survey the mountain in ways that it has never been seen before. The expedition, which was sponsored by National Geographic and Rolex, has produced some interesting looks at the mountain so far, including a 360º drone view of … Read more

Nat Geo and Renan Ozturk Gives Us Everest in 360º

The 2020 spring climbing season on Everest may have been largely interrupted by the current global pandemic, but last year the mountain saw a banner year. Amidst a record number of summits—and fatalities—were a number of very strong teams and climbers. Amongst them was none other than Renan Ozturk, who came not to climb Everest, … Read more

Video: Is Mt. Everest “the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction”?

Is Mt. Everest “the world’s deadliest tourist attraction”? That’s the premise behind this video, which takes us to the Himalaya to explore exactly what makes it so dangerous.  On the surface, the video is a solid look at what it takes to climb Everest, including trekking to Base Camp, dealing with altitude sickness, and so … Read more