Everest Highway On Hold

Remember all the hype going around a month or so back about that Chinese proposal to build a highway leading up to Everest Base Camp? You know, the one that a number of bloggers in an up roar because it would make the drive to BC easier? Well, turns out it might be much ado … Read more

Rest of Everest: Tibet 2007 Teaser Video

In a clear sign that I’m still not back to my regular schedule, I completely missed this a few days ago. The Tibet 2007 Teaser Video is now available over at The Rest of Everest. Fans of the video podcast know that Jon, the Director/Photographer/Producer/Jack-of-All-Trades of The Rest of Everest, returned to Nepal and Tibet … Read more

New Edition of Adventure Journey

The online adventure travel magazine Adventure Journey has posted their November issue dubbed “The Tibet Issue”. You’ll find three excellent articles for anyone interested in visting Tibet, including The Road to Lhasa, which chronicles the efforts required to reach the capital of Tibet, which even in this day and age remains an adventure in and … Read more