Video: Traveling From Switzerland’s Lowest to Highest Point in Record Time

What does it take to travel from the lowest point in Switzerland—located along the lake in Lago Maggiore to its highest point a Dufourspitze in record time? That’s what we’re about to find out in the video above, as outdoor athlete Andy Steindl set off to connect these two locations along some impressive European trails. … Read more

Video: Talking Hydration with Kilian Jornet, François D’Haene & Ryan Sandes

When Salomon wanted to make new hydration system to assist athletes on the trail, they turned to Kilian Jornet, François D’Haene, and Ryan Sandes. These three athletes know a thing or two about staying hydrated on a long run. In this video, they share their thoughts on the subject and discuss how they played a … Read more

Video: Coming Home—A Trail Runner Explores Familiar Landscapes for the First Time

There is an old saying that says that you can’t go home again. It seems that ultrarunner Paddy O’Leary didn’t get that message however, as you’ll see in this video. O’Leary wasn’t a runner when he grew up in Ireland, but he discovered his passion for the sport while living in San Francisco. Now, he’s … Read more