Video: Attending Trail Camp with Ultrarunner Max King

We all know that today’s youth tend to spend less time outdoors than in previous generations, so any efforts to find ways to introduce them to outdoor activities is always good. Take for example Max King’s Trail Running Camp, which is specifically designed to get more young people to fall in love with the sport. … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 36: An Interview with Joel Einhorn of HANAH

Adventure Podcast Banner

If you’re looking for your midweek dose of audio adventure, then The Adventure Podcast is here to accommodate. As usual, we talk about all kind of things in the outdoor and adventure world, including the latest news from the Himalaya, an update on an epic swim across the Pacific Ocean, dire new reports on the … Read more

Video: What it Takes to be an Ultra Man

Want to know what it takes to truly compete in the world of ultra running? British endurance athlete Robbie Britton has some insight into that area and shares them with viewers in this video. As you would imagine, it takes a lot of dedication, training, and commitment. But as you’ll see, it even goes beyond that. … Read more

10-Month Long Outdoor Instructor Course Sends Students on World-Spanning Adventure

If you’ve always wanted to be an outdoor guide or instructor, I have some news that you might find interesting. Sharks Lodge, a Portugal-based adventure travel company, is launching a new program that will train students to work in the outdoor and travel industry in a 10-month long course designed to give them all of … Read more

Want to Become a Polar Explorer? Apply for this Scholarship to Learn From Eric Larsen!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been writing extensively about the unfolding expedition season down in Antarctica. As I write this, adventurous men and women are making their way across the frozen continent on skis while pulling sleds filled with supplies and gear behind them as they go. Some are headed to the South … Read more

How to Train for Expedition Style Climbing

Getting your body prepared for the challenges it will face in the mountains is the key to success on just about any major climbing expedition. And while acclimatization is a big part of what you’ll do while on the mountain itself, the battle for the summit is often actually won or lost at home before … Read more