Video: Is this Electric Ship the Future of Travel and Exploration?

The Brim Explorer is an electric ship designed to carry passengers into remote places while having a minimal impact on the environment. It is silent, eco-friendly,  and is built to interact with our planet in a more balanced and positive way. It also happens to be comfortable, have some nice amenities, and just be a real technological … Read more

Outlook is Grim for Nepal’s Tourism Sector in the Wake of Coronavirus

We all knew that the cancellation of the spring climbing season in Nepal would have a long and painful impact on the economy of that country. The spread of the coronavirus forced the Nepali government to make the hard choice of not only canceling the season, but closing its borders to travelers too. That meant … Read more

Coronavirus Halts Man’s Attempt to Visit Every Country in the World without Using an Airplane

We’ve seen stories of travelers who have visited every country on the planet before. Some have done it in the fastest possible time, while others have become the youngest or oldest to accomplish this feat. But one man has come up with a unique way of exploring the planet that involves visiting every country without … Read more

Outside Shares Livestream Cameras for Those Who Miss Travel

One of the hardest aspects of the coronavirus lockdown has been the inability to travel. Obviously it makes perfect sense for countries to close their borders and take extra precautions when it comes to dealing with foreign visitors, but for those of us who frequently find ourselves on the road, being confined to staying close … Read more

Video: Going Beyond the Horizon

We could all probably use a little escape right now. This video provides just that thanks to a collection of aerial shots from a wide variety of locations around the planet. You’ll spot landscapes from Iceland, Kenya, France, other places, providing a nice reminder that there is a great big world out there that we’ll … Read more