Nepal Opens to Climbers and Trekkers Starting October 17

As with the rest of the world, Nepal has been struggling with the coronavirus since it was declared a global pandemic back in March. Not long after, the country closed its borders to the outside world, shutting off access to the Himalaya just before the start of the lucrative spring climbing and hiking season. That … Read more

Video: Should You Use Trekking Poles When Hiking?

Amongst hikers and backpackers, there are two different camps—those who use trekking poles and those who don’t. I’m squarely in the “use ’em” category on anything longer than a few miles, but I know plenty of people who avoid them altogether. This video, which comes our way courtesy of REI, explores whether or not you … Read more

Nepal Prepares to Reopen But Will Anyone Come?

Nepal took a big step forward in its plans to reopen to climbers and trekkers this week, even as the country continues to struggle with the coronavirus. But with the Nepalese tourism sector losing more than $10 billion rupees ($83 million) per month during the lockdown, the economic impact of staying closed has weighed heavily … Read more

Team of Adaptive Adventurers Looking to Go From Lowest to Highest Point on Each Continent

We’ve seen some truly inspiring undertakings over the years here on the Adventure Blog, but occasionally we come across an expedition that just blows away almost everything we’ve seen. Such is the case with the Lowest/Highest Expedition, which is an attempt by three adaptive athletes to link the lowest point on each continent, to the … Read more

Outlook is Grim for Nepal’s Tourism Sector in the Wake of Coronavirus

We all knew that the cancellation of the spring climbing season in Nepal would have a long and painful impact on the economy of that country. The spread of the coronavirus forced the Nepali government to make the hard choice of not only canceling the season, but closing its borders to travelers too. That meant … Read more