A 64-Year Old Rally Driver is Heading to Antarctica with Her Porsche

We’re still a couple of months away from the start of the Antarctic expedition season—which may or may not take place this year—but already there are a few interesting stories starting to emerge. Take for example Renée Brinkerhoff, who has no plans to ski to the South Pole or attempt to climb Mt. Vinson. Instead, she’s … Read more

Video: Racing Down the World’s Most Dangerous Road

There are a number of roads across the globe that claim to be “the world’s most dangerous.” You’ll find one in Bolivia that’s called the Death Road for instance. Turkey’s entry into this category is the D-915, a twisty, narrow, nerve-wracking route that will test the nerves of any driver. In this video, there are … Read more

20 Years Ago Two Men Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in Floating Cars

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Video: Why Outdoor Adventurers Should Be Excited by Rivian Vehicles

If you want to know why so many outdoor adventurers are excited about Rivian Electric Vehicles, just have a look at this video. It shows the amount of work that the company is putting into learning what climbers, hikers, skiers, and other outdoor athletes need from their truck or SUV. The engineers building the Rivian … Read more