Video: Scaling Three Mexican Volcanoes in 24 Hours

Join mountain athlete Alex Roudayna as she set out on a grueling quest to climb three individual volcanoes in Mexico in under 24 hours. In doing so, she becomes the first woman to accomplish that feat, although it certainly wasn’t easy. Suffering from Asperger’s syndrome since she was young, Alex faces challenges that the rest … Read more

Video: Nat Geo Takes Us Into Iceland’s Volcanic World

Journey deep into the Iceland’s volcanic world courtesy of this video, which comes our way thanks to National Geographic. In the clip, we join explorer Andres Ruzo as he sets out to map some of the most impressive geothermal features of a country that is rich in geysers, volcanoes, and boiling rivers. It is a … Read more

Video: Climbing the Highest Volcano in North America

Standing 18,400 feet (5608 meters) in height, Pico de Orizaba is the tallest volcano in North America and a prominent climbing mountain as well. In this video, we’ll join a team of climbers as they head to the summit of this impressive Mexican peak, encountering some unexpected challenges, and amazing views, along the way.

Researchers Discover 91 Previously Unknown Volcanoes Under Antarctica

There was more big news out of the Antarctic this week when it was revealed that scientists have discovered the largest concentration of volcanoes on the planet hidden under the ice on the frozen continent. A research team out of Edinburgh University announced that they had found 91 new volcanoes so far, and are now trying … Read more

Video: Sliding Fire – Skiing and Snowboarding on an Active Volcano in the South Pacific

We’ve seen a lot of skiing and snowboarding films over the years, but none like this one. In this short documentary we travel to Vanuatu in the South Pacific where we join freeriders Xavier de le Rue, Victor De Le Rue, and Sam Smoothy as they test their skills on the side of an active … Read more