Video: Climbing Out –– One Woman’s Journey to the Summit of Mt. Rainier

This video comes our way courtesy of REI and it is an insightful, funny, and fun journey to the summit of Mt. Rainier with a woman named Sarah. Climbing a challenging peak like Rainier seemed like an unlikely goal for her, as she is more at home in an urban environment. But getting outside, and … Read more

Video: The Passage – Canoeing From Washington State to Alaska

This beautiful short film is one not to be missed. It combines adventure, passion, familial ties, and a love for the outdoors into one amazing story. The documentary takes us out on the water with a family who are determined to complete a legendary journey started back in 1974, canoeing from Washington state to Alaska. … Read more

Video: I Am Here – A Woman’s Journey to the Top of Mount St. Helens

Not all of us were born and raised in the outdoors. Some of us discover it later in life, but still manage to fall in love with the possibilities that nature and outdoor adventure have to offer. Such is the case for Yesenia Castro, who didn’t grow up in a family that thought about climbing … Read more

Video: Kayaking Over Waterfalls in 360º Video

This video is best viewed using a browser that supports 360º video or on a mobile device. It takes us to the Little White Salmon River in Washington where we going Rafa Ortiz and Rush Sturges as they paddle some great rapids and plunge over waterfalls. All of the action is captured with cameras that … Read more

Video: Skiing the High Points of the American West

This beautiful short film takes us on a quest with skier Drew Petersen, who set out to ski the highest peaks in all 11 of the states that make up the Western U.S. They include Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana. In order to achieve his goal, Drew … Read more

Video: Above Bellingham – Drone Footage From an Adventure City

Bellingham, Washington is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor adventure, much of which you’ll see in this video, which was captured using a drone to stunning effect. The clip starts a bit slow, and you’ll probably wonder why it is worth sharing, but as it goes along the landscapes … Read more