Antarctic Tour Vessel Helps Solve Mystery of Killer Whales

Antarctic tourism is sometimes criticized for taking well-heeled travelers to the frozen continent, a place that has a fragile ecosystem to say the least. But, it turns out that the ships that operate in the Southern Ocean can also play an active part in collecting important research data too. No more is this evident than … Read more

Video: Humpback Whale Gives Viewers a Surprise

There is nothing like encountering a whale up close and personally. These giant, majestic creatures are amazing to watch and can provide travelers with amazing memories. Take for example the people onboard the Taz, a whale-watching boat operating out on Pleasant Island Reef near Gustavus, Alaska. They may have gotten a little closer than they … Read more

Video: Using Drones to Rescue Whales

When most of us think about how drones are used, the first thing that usually comes to mind is filmmaking and aerial photography. But, these handy little flying machines can be used for a lot more things than just that, including assisting in conservation efforts. This video provides one example of just that, as drones … Read more

Some Good Environmental News For Once – Marine Mammals are on the Rebound

I’ve posted a lot of doom and gloom stories about the environment in recent months, including reports of warming oceans, increased greenhouse gasses, and the breaking up of massive ice slabs in the Antarctic. Well, for once, we have some good news to report as a new study indicates that marine life on the endangered … Read more