The WIldeBeat Tells You How To Avoid Getting Eaten In The Backcountry

The WIldeBeat has relased Podcast Episode 80 entitled Fighting Animal Terror. Steve’s guest this week is Dave Smith (sounds like an alias!) who is a former backcountry caretaker at Yellowstone and has written several books on the topic of avoiding becoming lunch for a bear. He gives some good tips on how to handle bears, … Read more

WildeBeat: Counting Up Essentials (Part 2)

The WildeBeat is back again this week with Part 2 of their “Counting Up Essentials” podcast episode. This show continues the discussion from last week about the essential items you need to have when heading into the backcountry. Host Steve Sergeant talks with Doug Ritter, the executive director of the Equipped To Survive Foundation and … Read more

Counting The Essentials With The Wildebeat

The Wildebeat is back with a new podcast episode this week, this time it’s another one of their “skills program” which focuses on essential skills for survival in the wilderness. The episode is entitled Counting Up Essentials (part 1), and discusses the “Ten Essentials” that everyone should have when they head out into the wilderness. … Read more

The Wildebeat: “Are snow campers and winter wilderness visitors super-human?”

The WildeBeat is back with a new podcast episode that asks the question: “Are snow campers and winter wilderness visitors super-human?” Steve heads out on the trail to get input from skiiers, snow shoers, and snow campers to get their thoughts on the subject. They call it a Vox Pop edition of WildeBeat, and it … Read more