Video: The Dolomites in Winter

With so little happening in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration at the moment, today we’ll mostly be sharing some great videos that I’ve come across recently. Hopefully, these clips will inspire you to think about and plan future adventures, In this video, we’re off to the Dolomites of northern Italy, where we’ll witness … Read more

Two Citizen Scientists Overwintered in the Arctic But Can’t Come Home Yet

Two dedicated citizen-scientists are nearing the end of a very long and difficult winter in the high arctic of Norway. After spending months living in a remote cabin where they have conducted research for a number of projects, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby should be preparing to return home. Instead, they may have to … Read more

Winter Climbs 2020: Lonnie Dupre Retreats on Hunter But Isn’t Finished Yet

Yesterday I shared a couple of updates of two winter mountaineering expeditions that have been ongoing. In that update, we learned that polar explorer/climber Lonnie Dupre was about to launch a summit push on Mt. Hunter in Alaska, with the hopes of topping out sometime yesterday. But as it turns out, the weather conditions didn’t … Read more

Winter Climbs 2020: Polish Team Leaves Batura Sar, Lonnie Dupre Makes Summit Push

While all of the big 8000-meter peak expeditions have called it quits and gone home by now, there are still a few updates from ongoing winter expeditions. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, there is technically still about a week and a half of winter left, and a handful of teams have been struggling to complete … Read more

Winter Climbs 2020: It’s Over on Everest for Both Txikon and Kobusch

The 2020 winter climbing season on the big 8000 meter peaks is over. After a long and difficult few months, the grind came to an end today as the three remaining teams have called off their expeditions. What started off as a season full of promise ended up with exactly zero summits across Everest, K2, … Read more

Winter Climbs 2020: Weather Creates Major Problems for Everest Teams

It was another difficult day on Everest yesterday with all three teams currently on the mountain facing serious challenges due to the weather. High winds and heavy snow have made conditions more difficult than anticipated, which is beginning to put into question whether or not anyone will find success on the mountain this year. We’ll … Read more

Gear Junkie Picks the Best Down Jackets of 2020

Yesterday we saw a run-down of the best sleeping bags that are currently on the market, with some good options for staying warm and getting a good night’s sleep in the backcountry. Today, we have a similar round-up with another important piece of gear that every outdoor enthusiast should own — the classic puffy jacket. … Read more