African Luxury Safaris

Ok, I’m well aware that any time I look at the Forbes Traveler website that I run the real risk of seeing some amazing trips that are so far out of my price range that I just might actually hear my wallet cry. But then again, I’m always interested in how the other half travels, and judging from my International jaunts, it’s not on the back of a bus, overland and over night, through the desert. At least I don’t think I’ve shared that mode of transportation with a billionaire.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Today we have a list of the top Luxury Safaris. Last year at this time I was actually on a safari, and the activities are much like those that I remember. Getting up to see the sunrise while spotting wildlife on the Serengeti, watching herds of elephants, zebras, and wildebeest, then returning to camp for a gourmet meal and a massage. Wait! What? While my meals were certainly tasty, I’d never rank them as gourmet, and I think if I’d have asked my tent-mate Colm for a massage, he’d probably hit me with all the force of an Irish Rugby Hooligan.

Still, there is something special about these amazing luxury escapes. Take for example the Pondoro Balule Private Game Reserve. It’s located inside Kruger National Park in South Africa, one of the best game preserves anywhere in the World, and it offers a spectacularly decorated luxury room, with outdoor showers overlooking the riverbanks below. Or the Stanley Safari Lodge in Zambia where highlights include sleeping in a huge four-poster bed, lounging in your own private stone hottub, and spending the days riding elephants as you explore the surrounding countryside.

These are just two of the examples you’ll find, but each of them offer a unique, interesting, and expensive African adventure you won’t forget. While I slept in a tent, those going on these vacations will have feather beds and the best food and wine, and creature comforts galore. Irish Rugby Hooligan not included however.

Kraig Becker