Red Bull Rampage Returns with its Special Brand of Craziness

Red Bull Rampage

One of the many things that have made 2020 and 2021 such challenging years is the cancellation of some of our favorite events. Thanks to COVID, we’ve seen numerous expedition seasons shut down, athletic competitions delayed, and countless other annual gatherings postponed. Thankfully, many of those events are starting to return to the calendar, including … Read more

Hiking the Inca Trail in the Time of COVID

Hiking the Inca Trail

For adventure travelers, there are some classic hikes across the globe that routinely make everyone’s bucket list. For instance, the trek to Everest Base Camp is a must-do hike, as is a climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The other classic journey is hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, a four-day journey through the … Read more

You Probably Shouldn’t Try Climbing Mt. Rainier Right Now

climbing mt rainier

Here at The Adventure Blog we routinely share stories of the impact of climate change and warming temperatures on our planet. For instance, just recently we wrote about how thawing tundra in Denali National Park is causing the only road there to sink dramatically and we’ve had several articles on shifting conditions in Greenland. But, … Read more

The Sylvansport Electric RV is the Motorhome of Our Dreams

Sylvansport Electric RV

There is no question that we’re on the verge of an electric vehicle revolution. Not only are EVs better for the environment, they also offer amazing performance and an array of unique technology. Of course, Tesla has been leading the way in this space for years, but now nearly every major car manufacturer has announced … Read more

Will the iPhone 13 Double as a Satellite Phone?

iPhone 13 satellite

There are few things more predictable in the topsy-turvy world of consumer electronics than the arrival of a new iPhone. Without fail, Apple produces a new edition to its smartphone line-up each fall, consistently delivering a faster processor, an updated camera, and a host of other features designed to lure in new and returning customers. … Read more