New 24-hour Distance Record Set By Kite-Skiers

World Record Holders

Eric McNair-Landry and Sebastian Copeland recently completed a kite-skiing expedition across Greenland, taking 43-days to complete the journey, which ended on June 22. Along the way, they managed to harness some amazingly strong winds, and set a new record for most distance covered on skis in a single day. 

Back on June 6, following a day of already high powered winds, the pair decided to go after the distance record, which had been held by Norwegian Hugo Rolf Hansen, who once covered 505km (313 miles) in one day. Eric and Sebastian broke out their kites, and decided to see just how far the wind could take them, and by the end of their day, which was extended thanks to the midnight sun, they had covered an astounding 595km (370 miles). 
When they had finished, the two men were exhausted. Copeland reportedly slept for 13 hours, while his tent mate went for another two beyond that. In the end, it was just one small element of their long journey, but still very impressive none-the-less.

Thanks to The Adventure Life for the news on this very cool story. 

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