Podcast Interview on Contribuventure Radio

Late last week I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed on Contribuventure Radio, a podcast over at Contribuventure.com, and the episode is now available for your listening pleasure. In the interview we talk about a host of subjects, including the rise of adventure travel, summit attempts on K2, Laura Dekker sailing the world, and adventure racing, amongst other things.

The episode is the first of their “Ask an Expert” series, and the second guest on the show is Isa Cohen of Tula Adventure Sports in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Isa is an expert on water sports and loves doing just about anything out on the water, including kite boarding, water skiing, surfing, and now stand-up paddling. During her interview, Isa talks about what drew her to these activities and why she loves them so much. She also discusses the fitness aspects of water sports and how people can benefit from stand-up paddling, as well as the different approaches to this type of sport, which includes racing, recreational paddling, surfing, and so on. She also offers up really great advice for beginners who are just getting started in the sport as well.

Contribuventure is an organization that is focused on getting us off the couch and out on an adventure, no matter what the term “adventure” means to you. It’s all about challenging ourselves and pushing our own boundaries, but the message is to also do those things in effort to help others. Contribuventure encourages us to put adventure back into our lives while raising funds and awareness for charities and giving something back at the same time. It’s a really great message, and I’m happy that the organization’s founders, and radio hosts, Jake Allen and Phil Dwyer invited me to be a part of the show.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and tune in for future episodes as well. And while you’re there, join the Contribuventure community. Thanks guys!

Kraig Becker