The Rest of Everest Episode 138: Yaks in the Mist

DSC 0185

One of the things that is often forgotten about a trek to Everest Base Camp is that getting there is just the halfway point of the trip. You struggle with the altitude and the challenging trail that wanders up and down some pretty impressive slopes, and when you arrive in BC, it is with a certain sense of accomplishment and wonder. Mission accomplished. But then it dawns on you, you have to go back down too!

That’s the experience in the latest episode of The Rest of Everest, where the trekking group has reached the high point, and has now begun the trip back to Lukla, and eventually Kathmandu. This week’s episode is entitled Yak’s in the Mist, and features some of the best views of the Himalaya yet.

Early footage shows some more great scenes from the trail, giving trekkers an idea of what it is like to make this hike. Having just done it myself this past spring, it is great to see those places again and know exactly where the team is at. All those rocks and boulders strewn about are from the glacier pushing stuff down the valley, and at times they can make for rough going, both going up and down.

This episode brought back other memories as well, such as the constant gonging of the bells strung around the necks of the yaks that carry gear and other items up and down the Khumbu. There is also a scene of a man moving a herd of yaks, and his technique is a common one. While I was there, I saw them hit with sticks and rocks, whistled at, yelled at, and cajoled in a variety of ways. The yaks seldom seemed to notice any of it.

As you can imagine, the descent also goes much quicker, even if it isn’t much easier. The trekking group is returning to areas that we visited early on in the season, and it won’t take them long before they’re back to Lukla and on their way home.

Enjoy it while you can.

Kraig Becker