The Mother Lode 4-Day Adventure Race Underway

Photo 475

Yesterday, the Mother Lode, a 4-day long adventure race, put on by Gold Rush AR, got underway in the Sierra Mountains of California. 16 coed teams set out on the course from Bridgeport and are now racing across more than 275 miles (442.5km) of tough mountainous terrain towards the finish line.

The race is a qualifier for the AR World Championship, which will take place in Tasmania in November, and has 200 points on the line for the Checkpoint Tracker race series as well. The Checkpoint Tracker Championship will take place in Kentucky in October, and a number of teams are still scrambling to qualify for that event as well.

You can track the standings and locations of teams online by clicking here and following updates on both Facebook and Twitter. At the moment, it appears that Dart-Nuun is in the lead, followed by Team Lupus Extreme and Tecnu Extreme/Staphaseptic in second and third respectively. Racing is expected to continue throughout the weekend, with winners being crowned on Sunday.

Kraig Becker