Video: First Ski Descent Of Denali

South face

This past spring, mountaineer/skier Andreas Fransson made the first ski descent of Denali’s South Face, an epic challenge that has been considered for some time, but hadn’t been tried yet. A few days ago he released video of his climb and ski descent, which, at more than 13 minutes in length, offers an excellent look at what it takes to climb the highest mountain in North America, and then subsequently go back down in grand fashion.

Looking down that long, steep slope in the video makes me wonder why anyone would ever, under any circumstances, try this, but thats why its never been done before I suppose. The views are simply stunning however, and the landscapes surrounding Denali never cease to take my breath away.

Thanks to The Goat for sharing this great video.

First ski descent on Denali south face by Andreas Fransson from Bjarne Sahlen on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker