Outside Announces New $10,000 Adventure Grant

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In celebration of the magazine’s 35th anniversary and the release of their Adventure Issue, Outside  has also announced the creation of their first annual Adventure Grant. This new endowment is for $10,000 and will be awarded to help fund “a smart, creative, and (perhaps) slightly foolhardy project” that will appear in a future issue.

Applications for the grant are being accepted online between now and May 18th. The official application can be found by clicking here. In addition to basic contact information, the applicant is asked to submit a 500 word essay describing your adventure and why you are uniquely qualified to pull it off. Photos and video can also be included to help illustrate the point.

A $10,000 adventure grant is nothing to sneeze at and this could be just the kind of funding and exposure that an expedition is looking for to get off the ground. After all, I’ll be sponsorship dollars would be easier to come by when the sponsor in question could get some recognition in Outside.

In addition to the announcement of this impressive grant, the magazine also announced its pick for their Adventurers of the Year and suggestions for 12 great adventures in national parks. The former includes such names as Felicity Aston, Conrad Anker, and Laura Dekker, while the latter has awesome suggestions for travelers visiting Isle Royal National Park or the Great Sand Dunes and Preserve, amongst others.

Kraig Becker