Belgian Explorers Plan Expedition To Lake Inari

inari lake

Two Belgian adventurers are in the final stages of planning a canoe and hiking expedition to the remote Inari Lake, located in Finland. The journey, which is set to begin in September, will be three weeks in length and looks to put a heavy emphasis on exploration of the region. The duo hopes to make a complete circumnavigation of the lake, provided the weather allows, spending plenty of time on and off the water.

Bert Poffé and Dirk Michiels will travel on foot and by canoe as they not only paddle the shores of Inari but also trek through the wilderness that surrounds it. The lake, which is the third largest in Finland, falls above the Arctic Circle in the northernmost region of Lapland. Covering 1040 square kilometers (646 sq. miles), Inari has more than 3000 islands sprinkled across its waters, while a wild and untamed wilderness lines its banks.

Refreshingly enough, Bert and Dirk say that they won’t be chasing any speed records or racing from point to point on a map. They intend to explore the region as much as they can and that means making slow, deliberate progress. It is their hope that by taking this approach they can genuinely get to know the lake and all of its hidden corners.

In preparation for their expedition they’ve launched a blog that provides much more information on Inari Lake and the region they’ll be visiting. Hopefully they’ll also be updating that blog as they travel to keep us not only informed of their progress but share what ever they discover there.

Personally I love these small, grassroots adventures that send adventurous men and women off on excursions to remote areas. These two men sound like they have the hearts of explorers past and visiting remote Lapland should be an amazing experience.

Kraig Becker