China Closes Borders To Tibet Again

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According to the Telegraph, China has once again closed the borders to Tibet, barring any foreign travelers from visiting the country. The move comes just a few weeks after two protestors set fire to themselves outside of a temple in Lhasa in protest of Chinese occupation of the Himalaya country and as a new round of unrest is expected there.

Unlike in previous years when Tibet’s borders were shut down, this move comes after the busy Himalaya climbing season. But the peak travel season is just about to begin and this move will have an impact on those who hoped to travel there this summer. The popular Saga Dawa festival is also set to begin today, although it seems outsiders won’t be participating.

According to several travel companies that book tours to Tibet, the Chinese government has instructed them to stop accepting foreign visitors for an indefinite period of time. That could mean that the disruption of travel in Tibet could last just a few weeks or it could go on for some time.

Unfortunately a large segment of the population there makes its living from tourism and travel. Any disruption means that they will struggle to find work and provide for their families. Lets hope that this closure doesn’t last long and that not only will they all be back to work soon, but the travelers who have been dreaming of visiting Tibet will get their opportunity to go there soon as well.

Kraig Becker