Video: Trailer For Chasing Ice

Later this year the producers of the amazing (yet haunting!) The Cove, will release a new film that takes a hard look at climate change and the way our planet is being undeniably altered. Those changes are evident most specifically in the polar ice caps and glaciers of the planet, which are vanishing at an alarming rate. The new film is entitled Chasing Ice and tells the story of National Geographic photographer James Balog, a climate change skeptic who went on assignment to the Arctic in 2005 and  returned with a completely different view. Since then, Balog has made it his mission to chronicle the vanishing ice on our planet and spread the word to others.

The trailer for the new film can be found below and it looks like it is going to be a real eye opener for those who are still on the fence as to whether or not climate change exists and what effect it is having on our world. There are some incredibly powerful images in the trailer itself and I’m looking forward to seeing the full film down the line.

Kraig Becker