Win A Water Purifying Bottle And A Box Of Energy Bars From Journey Bar

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Last week I shared my thoughts on some tasty new energy bars called Journey Bars that are unique in the flavors that they offer. Rather than going with sugary-sweet tastes like so many similar products from competitors, Journey Bar has instead elected to go with savory options such as coconut curry, parmesan romano and hickory barbecue. I gave the bars high marks for offering something different and for being healthy and easy to carry along on trips, long hikes or runs.

This week Journey Bar has launched a new contest that could give you the opportunity try these new bars as well. Entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is select one of your favorite travel photos and email it to In that email, recommend a Journey Bar flavor that you think is appropriate for the destination, such as wasabi in Japan or bacon in Canada. The most creative entries will be posted to the JB Facebook page. If yours happens to make the cut, get your friends to “like” the photo or retweet it on Twitter. The one that gets the most social media love will win the prizes.

Those prizes include both a sample box of Journey Bars and a travel water bottle with a built-in water purifying system. For more information, hit the Facebook page now.

Kraig Becker