Adventure Tech: Suunto Introduces Apps For Ambit GPS Watch

ambit black

When it comes to making watches for outdoor enthusiasts, Suunto is one of the best in the business. Their timepieces have a reputation for being tough, dependable and packed with features, which has made them popular with mountaineers, divers, ultra-runners and world travelers alike. Last year the company introduced a great new product called the Ambit to their line-up, delivering GPS functionality on your wrist that opened the door to a host of possibilities for endurance athletes, adventure racers and other outdoor enthusiasts. But now Suunto has taken the level of versatility on the Ambit one step further, introducing the ability to add “apps” to the device.

Last week, owners of the Ambit were treated to a new firmware update, bringing the watch to version 2.0. That firmware, which updates the internal software that powers the timepiece, gave Suunto’s GPS watch the ability to run simple apps, which can now be downloaded and added to it through the Ambit App Zone at Some of the apps that are already available include marathon and half-marathon timers, a ghost timer that allows runners to chase their previous laps and an optimal cadence measurer for cyclists. There are even apps to tell you how many beers you’ve burned while exercising or that measure the incline of the hill that you’re currently moving up. That is just the tip of the iceberg however and there are literally already dozens more, some serious and some silly.

If the thought of adding apps to your outdoor watch weren’t exciting enough, the new Ambit App Zone also allows users to design their own. Using a host of criteria, such as distance, time, heart rate and so on, Ambit owners are able to specifically craft apps that fit their needs. Those apps can then be downloaded directly to the watch and shared with other Ambit owners online. The result is an ultra-versatile watch that can be adjusted to fit your needs as necessary.

We’ve seen several of these types of GPS fitness and outdoor watches released in recent months and the Ambit is definitely at the top of the market in terms of price range. Suunto has priced the watch at $500, which is a steep price to pay for frugal athletes. But this ability to use apps on the watch certainly puts the Ambit in a class all of its own and may help to justify that high price tag to a degree. Make no mistake, it remains a steep investment, but if you’re looking for a timepiece that is perfect for your outdoor adventures, no matter what they might be, this new update to the Ambit certainly makes it an attractive option.

Kraig Becker