Another Ultra-Runner Running The Length Of New Zealand

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Earlier in the week I posted a story about ultra-runner Jez Bragg who will launch his attempt to run the length of New Zealand starting next week. The entire run is expected to take 50 days to complete, covering 3054 km (1898 miles) along the way. Turns out Jez isn’t the only one making this run however, as Australian ultra-runner Richard Bowles is doing the exact same run along the Te Ararora Trail.

Bowles actually set out on his run back on October 13 with an eye on finishing in what would be a current record of 60 days. If he is successful in this pursuit, he should wrap up the run late next week in Bluff, the southernmost point on New Zealand’s South Island. You can follow his progress on Facebook and Twitter, where Richard is sharing daily mileage updates and info on trail conditions. He also has a livetracker that updates automatically with his progress. Looking at his current location, it seems he should be on track to finish as expected.

It is interesting that two talented long-distance runners are both doing the exact same run. The Aussie will throw down the gauntlet by finishing his run within just a few days of the Brit launching his attempt. Richard’s 60 days will be a new record for covering the length of the Te Ararora, but Jez feels like he can shave ten days off of that record just a month and a half after the new record is set. Will he be able to do it? I guess we’ll just have to follow-along to see.

Kraig Becker