The Adventurists Launch Unsupported Bike Race From London To Istanbul


The Adventurists, whose devious minds have brought us the Mongol Rally and the Rickshaw Run, are launching a new adventure this summer and this time its geared  for the cycling crowd. Starting in August, the first ever QuickEnergy Trans Continental Race will get underway, launching Europe’s longest unsupported race covering more than 2000 miles between London and Istanbul.

As is typical with an event put on by the Adventurists, this race gives participants a lot of leeway in how they get from the starting gate to the finish line. Riders will be allowed to take any route they see fit, although they will have to pass through a few checkpoints along the way. These CP’s will ensure that everyone faces similar challenges on their ride to Istanbul, with one of the biggest of those being a crossing of the Alps. Navigation along the route is also very flexible and competitors are free to use good old fashioned maps, a GPS device or simply get directions from those they meet along the way. The point is that there are very few restrictions to the race, aside from getting across Europe to the finish line.

As noted, this is an unsupported race, which means the riders will need to carry all of their gear and supplies with them when they set out. That will require them to make tough decisions about what is absolutely necessary and what can be left at home. It comes down to shaving weight off the bike while still having all of the necessary gear with them for a prolonged journey.

Registration for the Trans Continental Race opens tomorrow and the event is scheduled to begin on August 2. Thanks to their partnership with QuickEnergy, the entry fee is going to be just £95 ($146), which is incredibly affordable for this kind of event.

Kraig Becker