Alastair Humphreys Helps Us Plan A Microadventure

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I’m a big fan of Alastair Humphreys. The British adventurer has cycled around the world, rowed across an ocean and trekked through the Empty Quarter on foot, amongst other major expeditions. But I also love the fact that Alastair is a huge proponent of what he likes to call “microadventures” – short escapes, generally close to home, that are cheap to do and highly effective in helping us reconnect with nature. He’s even shared a sampling of his own microadventures on his website, providing a template for us to do our own.

But in a blog post that went live on his site this morning, Al has made it even easier to get started with our own microadventures. He has created an infographic designed specifically to inspire us to head outdoors and explore all of the great adventure opportunities that exist right in our backyards. The infographic recognizes that we work 9 to 5 for instance and yet challenges us to do something with the other 16 hours of our day. It then proceeds to explain in as simple as possible terms just how easy it is to find a weekend – or even mid-week – microadventure that can help send you back to the office, rejuvenated and revitalized with your life.

I absolutely adore Al’s microadventure concept and even wrote recently about rediscovering some of my favorite outdoor places that I haven’t visited in awhile. This is a way to reincorporate some adventure into your own life without breaking the bank or getting on a plane to fly to some far flung corner of the globe. Don’t get me wrong, those big adventures are amazing too, but sometimes we just need to find a way to sprinkle a little excitement into our daily existence to help us stay connected to the world around us.

This is a great message from a guy who already lives a life of adventure. Keep up the great work Al!

Kraig Becker