Gear Closet: Energizer Ultimate Headlamp

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Energizer is a company that is well known for making batteries that power everything from watches to cars. Their power cells are amongst the best in the business and help keep our gadgets up and running when we need them most. But Energizer also makes a line of outstanding lighting products that are durable, bright and perform extremely well even in harsh conditions. They also happen to be extremely affordable, providing an excellent alternative to some of the more well known brands that typically cost twice as much.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be especially interested in the Energizer Ultimate headlamp. This light was built with extreme adventure in mind and was designed for use in harsh conditions. It’s case is built out of an aluminum alloy that is rugged enough to stand up any abuse you dish out while continuing to provide plenty of light. It features a single lamp that is capable of putting out a constant beam of 100 lumens which comes in handy when flying down a dark trail on a mountain bike but is probably brighter than most people will need. But just in case you do need a little extra light, a “boost” button on the side of the housing will temporarily amp it up to 130 lumens, at the expense of battery life of course.

Other modes include low and medium settings which give off 25 and 50 lumens respectively. There is also a flashing strobe mode to signal in an emergency and a night vision option that emits a red light that is easier on the eyes when in a dark space. Battery life varies depending on the level of brightness of course. On the highest setting the batteries will last 10 hours but drop the brightness down to low and   that time increases to an impressive 40+. The fact that the Ultimate headlamp uses three replaceable AA batteries (Energizers preferred of course!) means that it is easy to swap out a fresh set when needed.

Other nice touches include a comfortable strap, a pivoting head that allows you to change the direction of the light and a focus ring that allows you tighten up the beam for greater distance. There is also a blinking green light on the back of the battery pack that make it a breeze to find the headlamp in the dark or when it’s found its way the bottom of your pack. That can certainly come in handy when you’re fumbling around in a tent during the wee hours of the morning.

Energizer had built the Ultimate headlamp to resist the elements and as such it is designed to be weatherproof. While it isn’t exactly meant to be immersed in water, it can survive a sudden rainstorm without missing a beat. Better yet, this light is rated for use in extreme temperatures as well. Energizer says that it will operate in a range from -40ºF (-40ºC) to 140ºF (60ºC). That means you can take this light into some pretty remote places and expect it to continue burning bright.

All of these features added up to a great headlamp that is surprisingly versatile and efficient. But what kicks the Energizer Ultimate headlamp into a category all its own is the price. The light carries an MSRP of $44.99, which is a bargain for a piece of gear that performs as well as this one. Even better, you can find the Ultimate at discounted prices online making it an even better bargain. For instance, Amazon has it for just $34.01, which makes it nearly impossible to pass up.

This headlamp is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a quality light. But mountaineers, backpackers, winter campers and other outdoor athletes will really appreciate everything it brings to the table. If you need an affordable headlamp that happens to also be very durable for your next adventure, then look no further. This is the one for you.

Kraig Becker