Mountain Quiz: How Well Do You Know Famous Peaks By Sight?

Denali photo courtesy of FlickrDenaliNPS

The Wenger Blog, a site that I regularly contribute to, has put together an interesting post that will surely test your knowledge of famous peaks. Their Mountain Pictorial Challenge presents us with images of 25 iconic mountains and provides and a brief clue as to the identity of each of them. It is up to us to then try to guess which mountain is in the image before mousing over the photo to get the correct answer.

This is a fun little challenge to say the least and the answers range from completely obvious to quite challenging. I was able to guess about 20 of the of the 25 correctly but it wasn’t easy to say the least. You’ll really need to know your stuff if you’re going to get these right and the hints are only helpful some of the time. I don’t want to give too many of the answers away suffice as to say that most of these are very famous mountains indeed.

Even if you don’t have much of a clue about which mountain is which, you’ll probably still enjoy the post anyway. The photos are quite lovely and some of them will inspire you to want to head out to the mountains soon yourself. There is nothing like a snowcapped peak to get your sense of adventure flowing.

I recommend having your morning coffee before getting started on this little “quiz” as it will likely tax your brain some. Good luck and post your scores in the comments below.

Kraig Becker