Wanted: Walking Partner To Trek Across Russia

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Looking for a little adventure in 2014? Enjoy a good walk? Then you may want to reach out to Caroline Moireaux, who is currently attempting to circumnavigate the globe under her own power. Caroline is looking for a companion to join her on a little trek across Russia in between August and October of next year.

Caroline launched her bid to walk around the world in June of 2011. So far, her journey has taken her across France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. She is currently back in France, spending the holidays with friends and family, but she is also looking ahead to the next stage of her adventure. Naturally she’d love to have someone to share the trail with as she crosses Russia.

If you’re interested in joining Caroline on this adventure, then check out her website and Facebook page for more information. She can also be reached directly by email at: caroline.moireaux@hotmail.fr. It seems like a great opportunity for the right person.

Kraig Becker