Gear Closet: Light & Motion GoBe+ 700 Spotlight

gobe700spot 1

When it comes to creating headlamps and other high performance lights for use in the outdoors, it is really tough to top the products that Light & Motion puts out. The company creates bright, durable and efficient headlamps and cycling lights, often incorporating unique elements into their design that really sets them apart from the competition. But their new GoBe line of lights raises the bar even higher, delivering a bright, powerful light that can be used in almost any environment. Recently I was fortunate enough to test out the GoBe+ 700 spot, their new flagship product that delivers performance unlike anything you’ve likely seen before.

Unlike most of the other lights I’ve tested from Light & Motion, all of which were headlamps, the GoBe is closer in shape to a traditional flashlight. But to call it a “flashlight” greatly undersells exactly what this product can do. For starters, it is bright. Very bright. On its highest setting, it is capable of putting out as much as 700 lumens. How’s that for bright? It’s medium setting is still good for 325 lumens, while low and extended modes are 100 and  50 lumens respectively. There is also an SOS mode if you need to signal for help, which is also at 100 lumens.

The GoBe uses a rechargeable battery to power its lamp and naturally its burn time varies greatly depending on which mode you’re in. On its highest setting, it can only run for about 1.5 hours while in extended mode it will light up the area for a full 24. A handy light integrated into the handle gives the user visual cues as to how much charge remains. When the light GoBe does run low on juice, it is recharged via USB on a computer or a wall adapter using its own proprietary USB cable.

L&M sees their GoBe lights as part of a larger system. With that in mind, they have built several mounting options for use in a variety of activities. The model I tested came with a bike mount that firmly held the light in place on my handlebars and illuminated the trail quite nicely as a result. Other mounts include a photo ball, a video locline, and a YS mount. Additionally, there are six different light heads available, which can be swapped out on the GoBe to extend its functionally further. Some of those include one head that provides a wider focus of light and another designed for search and rescue operations. Between all of these mounts and detachable heads, the versatility of this light really shines through. Pun fully intended.

The GoBe has also been designed to be rugged enough to take with you on all your adventures and it feels like it could survive just about anything. It also happens to make an excellent light for divers, as the system is rated to go down as deep as 120 meters (393 feet). That’s an impressive depth for any light to function, let alone one that is as bright as this one.

Light & Motion ships the GoBe+ 700 with the flashlight body, head and body splash caps, a USB charging cable, handle bar mount, lanyard and more. All in all, it’s an impressive package, with everything you’d need to use the light on just about any expedition. They also shipped me the Search Head, which focuses the standard beam down from a 60º spread, to a very tight 8º. This turns the light into a narrow, intense beam that makes the GoBe seem like a completely different product.

As with L&M’s other products, this type of performance doesn’t come cheap. The model I tested carries a price tag of $299, which is a pretty hefty cost to say the least. But this product isn’t meant for someone just looking for a spare light to have around the home. It is for the active adventurer who needs a powerful, high performance light for a variety of activities. This is a light that you can mount on your bike, take on a hike, or on a dive deep under the ocean. It is unbelievably bright and versatile, which is everything you could ask for out of a product likes this one. For the person that meets that description, this is a light that is worth every penny.

Kraig Becker