Video: The ɹǝɥʇO Way with The North Face

Yesterday, The North Face relaunched its iconic line of Summit Series gear. In doing so, they streamlined the number of products, and refocused their purpose to be the best mountaineering apparel available today. But before they could start delivering the new Summit Series to customers they first had to test it in the Himalaya. Last February, a team consisting of Conrad Anker, Hilaree O’Neill, David Göttler, and Renan Ozturk traveled to Nepal to go in search of unclimbed peaks. This video takes us to those cold, windy, snow swept mountains with them as they not only test the new products, but push the boundaries of exploration too. You can almost feel the frigid temperatures around them as the stunning landscapes of the big mountains is revealed. At this point, I’m not sure how well the gear performs, but the video is spectacular.

Kraig Becker